Equine Assisted Learning 
& Activities

Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) is an innovative approach to encouraging and establishing team and relationship dynamics. The foundation of this practice sets the stage for personal & professional growth and development. Using 3-4 horses, participants engage in various activities in our indoor riding arena. With the use of semi-structured tasks, EAL encourages metaphorical learning and empowers human development. Horses provide instant feedback to our own interactions and behaviour, creating moments of understanding and learning.

Like horses, humans interact and live within the context of relationships and teams. Whether you are referring to a family unit, a team of co-workers and colleagues or friends, each group has a unique way of communicating and interacting with one another. Horses are excellent readers of human emotion which creates a mirror to see the outcomes of our own actions.

Horses are herd animals with every member of the herd being important. Natural herd behaviour in horses manifests positive mental and physical health. Interacting and observing these animals, results in an opportunity  to learn from not only them, but also from yourself.

Program Options

Work environments are most productive when the whole team works as a cohesive unit. During our corporate EAL sessions, participants interact with our therapy horses to complete specific tasks and obstacles. Your team gets to experience their strengths and see areas of opportunity in a real and dynamic way. Through discussion led by our experienced facilitators, participants gain insights into their group dynamic and leave the session working together with new knowledge to use in the office or workplace. This is designed to be interactive, experiential while providing tangible insights in how to work better with individuals on your team.

Please note: Activities do not include a riding component. 

Are you looking for something fun and exciting to do for a date night with your significant other? Let us plan the night for you! Strengthen your communication skills, put your collaboration and problem-solving to the test, while enjoying an interactive night out with your partner and the horses. Refreshments and snacks are included

Please note: Activities do not include a riding component. 

Were you designated to plan an evening out? A Bachelorette party or family celebration?  Bond with our horses and your friends or family as you work together to problem solve and complete obstacles. Boost your self-confidence, increase your communication skills, relax and enjoy some refreshment and snacks. This is promised to be a night out you won’t forget!

Please note: Activities do not include a riding component. 

Launching in the Spring of 2019, we are proud to introduce our new curriculum specifically written and designed for youth and students for the purpose of developing and improving leadership capacities and skills. The curriculum is based off of The Social Change Model of Leadership Development and will provide a framework for offering quality and practical skills in developing our adolescent leaders. More information will be available in the New Year. 

We currently have 7 modules developed which you can choose from, each module requiring a minimum of 2 hours to complete.

Module Themes include
Module 1: Collaboration
Module 2: Consciousness of Self & Others
Module 3: Congruence
Module 4: Committment
Module 5: Common Purpose
Module 6: Controversy with Civility
Module 7: Citizenship

Modules can be completed in any order, or can be “stand alone” events. This curriculum is perfect for sports teams, student councils, youth groups, non-profit organizations working with youth such as Duke of Edinburgh, 4H or Girl Guides or Scouts Canada groups.

Maximum number of youth participants per session is 20.

Please note: Activities do not include a riding component. 

Looking for an innovative and new idea for a birthday party?!? Come out to the farm and play with our horses for a few hours! Birthday parties include our experienced facilitators to challenge you and your guests to different “missions” should you choose to accept them. Work with our horses to complete your mission while enjoying our refreshments and fun atmosphere.

Please note: Activities do not include a riding component. 

Equine Supported Wellness

Equine Supported Wellness is partnering with horses through programs and experiences which support our general wellness and is facilitated by trained and qualified professionals. ESW has gone by many different names over the past 10 years including Equine Assisted Psychotherapy, Equine Facilitated Wellness, Equine Assisted Learning, Equine Assisted Therapy, and Equine Wellness to name a few.

Rohan Wood Stables has proudly partnered with Clannad Counselling & Consulting Inc., and are pleased to deliver qualified and intentional programming with research informed curriculum designed to support mental wellness and improve health for all individuals.

For more information and to see which programs are available please visit www.rohanwoodstables.com or click Rohan Wood Stables logo on the left of the screen.