The Free Spirit Therapeutic Riding Association’s vision is to be “a barrier free, family focused and forward thinking organization”. We know and understand that in many cases finances are a barrier for some families. Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience therapeutic riding lessons and/or camp, and we’d like to work alongside you to make this happen. With your support, we are able to provide for various needs such as funding for riders, equipment for horses, helmets and specialized equipment for riders, programming supplies, etc.

Please consider donating today.


Different ways to Donate

Sponsor a Rider: 

Full Rider Sponsorship: $375.00(1 hr) or $250.00(½ hr)

Send a Kid to Camp: $225.00 

Any other monetary donation is also accepted. The numbers listed above are reflective of what our Therapeutic Riding Fees are.

Programming Equipment: 

Specialized lead strap: $20

Helmet: $80.00

Saddle: $1400

Programming supplies/games: variable

General Donations

Other than the specified topics listed above, a general donation will go towards our many other funding needs to run our program successfully.